WordPress built in feeds – some help

For people who have built their sites on top of the WordPress platform (distinct from publishing on the WordPress.com site), getting the feed URL of the blog can be sometimes difficult. The default that I have employed is to use the wp-rss.php in the end, as for example, http://www.classicmoviesandbooks.com/, and http://www.classicmoviesandbooks.com/wp-rss.php. This works fine, but […]

FeedBurner – A useful site for publishers

So, after realizing the benefit of publishing a feed (getting quality content to readers, and hopefully making them as committed readers), the next step was to actually get a feed in place. If necessary, use a external tool for this purpose. So, what was the option ? Well, for publishers who have their blogs (or […]

Feeds – What are the benefits to publishers ?

In the previous article (link), I gave some reasons as to why the concept of RSS / feed is something that is very convenient for users, and why it makes sense to provide such feeds from the user point of view. At the same time, providing a feed means that users could potentially bypass visiting […]

Why you should have feeds on your blogs – user benefit

If you have not implemented a feed on your blog, you really should. A feed is a way to develop a regular readership. Of course, to develop a readership, you should be writing about stuff that interests people / is of some quality / or is controversial enough that it keeps a committed readership (the […]