What does Google as a search engine mean to a site

Everything. For my sites, I have found that Google drives more than 90% of the traffic to my site; it overshadows everything else that can drive traffic (although there are people who have built sites that cock a snook at the Google search engine such as JohnChow.com) such as Yahoo, other search engines, and feeds. Feeds are probably the most important form of driving traffic after the Google search engine, since they can help in making your site gain the benefit of viral marketing, where people visit your site based on word-of-mouth (or email in today’s world).
However, deciphering the mysteries of how your site fares in the Google search engine is a major mystery, and there are very few people (outside of Google’s engineers) who can explain to you as to why your site suddenly starts receiving much fewer visits from people who see your site in the Google search engine. There are a huge number of stories from people who have built a web business and then suddenly find that their business has taken a downturn because they no longer feature on Google’s web pages. I have also suffered from this – there is a site of mine that sells some stuff on Amazon, and volumes of sales dropped significantly when the site almost vanished from the Google search. Fortunately, based on past experience, I know that this is a temporary thing.
I am not going to be trying to explain the reason as to why this fall happens (that is the topic of another article), but more about what the trend is like. These 4 graphs indicate what the trend is like, with 3 of the graphs showing what happens over a 12 monthly period, and the 4th one showing the results on a day to day basis for a month.

Site visits over a 12 month period
Site visits over a 12 month period
Site visits over a 12 month period
Site visits over the period of a month

These graphs are an almost accurate representation of how good the site fares in Google search. Initially, the graph starts rising in the first 1-3 months, and you feel that your site has been accepted and the 4th month could be real good. However, then this is accompanied by a sudden dip that could lead to some disheartening, and then after around 1-2 months, the rise starts again. However, don’t be too confident, since this falls again after some time (and by this time you would have felt that the rise is for real); only to resume again in 1-2 months. This time the rise could be more sustained.
What is important that you don’t lose confidence whenever these dips happen; continue on your objectives of posting frequent high quality stuff, and of trying to increase your Page Rank in Google; and of gaining readers who subscribe to your feed.

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