Posting Ads at different places inside Blogger blogs

Blogger is a very good free host to create a blog on, since it allows you many creative liberties, and most important, allows you to place ads on your blog and keep the money you earn from such a process. Earlier, in the older version of Blogger, the entire template was text based and it was very easy to place ads anywhere (right after the title of a post, to the right of a post, between the post and the start of the comments, and so on). However, the newer version of Blogger, also called Blogger Beta earlier, has a more module based design, and it is far more difficult to put ads in the position that you desire.
The Blogger platform does allow insertion of Ads between posts (read about it in this link), but as most people who have spent time working with Ads (including Google’s own platform, Adsense) know, placement of the Ad is all important if serious money has to be made from the blog. For that purpose, it is very important to be able to position the ad block in different locations of the blog, including just after the title, or between some lines of the post, and so on. However, for this purpose, you will need to modify the HTML template of the blog.
This website (link) has a post that shows exactly how to do that:

One of the known tips for improving the performance of your Google AdSense ads is knowing where to place the ads. In this guide, we shall discuss the modification you can make to your Blog template to have your Google AdSense ads appear between your post title and post body, or between your post body and post footer. Also, we shall have the AdSense ads appear on every individual post.
We have to parse the AdSense code so that it can be included into your Blog template. This is not against AdSense rules because after the code is inserted into the template, when you view the source code of the template, you should see the exact same AdSense code that Google has generated for you. Indeed, if it is anything different, it means that you have not parsed it correctly and should review the code again. Parsing the code essentially involves replacing the following HTML characters

Read the remaining technique at the original location of the article. The article further talks about where in the template to place the adsense code (or any other ad block for that matter). It covers the following locations:
– appear between the post title and post body
– appear immediately after every individual post
– left of your text
– right of your text
Further the article also mentions placing margins around the adsense code.

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