How to parse Adsense code to add within the Blogger template

You want to add Adsense code to your Blogger template at certain locations such as just below the title, after all, the research you have done shows that this is a good place where people are more likely to click your ads. However, the template in the new Blogger does not easily allow this. Fear […]

Posting Ads at different places inside Blogger blogs

Blogger is a very good free host to create a blog on, since it allows you many creative liberties, and most important, allows you to place ads on your blog and keep the money you earn from such a process. Earlier, in the older version of Blogger, the entire template was text based and it […]

What does Google as a search engine mean to a site

Everything. For my sites, I have found that Google drives more than 90% of the traffic to my site; it overshadows everything else that can drive traffic (although there are people who have built sites that cock a snook at the Google search engine such as JohnChow.com) such as Yahoo, other search engines, and feeds. […]

Earnings and expectations from Adsense

For people who are creating blogs recently, or have just learned about the program called Adsense, there is a compelling urge to try to learn as to how much money they could make. In some cases, there is an expectation that now that a site has been created and ads put in, the money will […]