Collection of WordPress templates

Well, now that you have your first blog setup on your own hosted wordpress installation, you must be wanting to try and get a unique look to the blog. How is this done ?
Well, the look that you see for the blog is based on something called a WordPress template, and there are thousands of templates floating around, with lots of them being free that you can experiment with and use. If you go and do a Google search, you will find lots of wordpress templates, and I will add some more links that you can use.
Remember, many of these templates are being used by thousands of blogs, so if you want something unique, it could take a bit of time to find the unique one; or you can actually buy one if you want a unique look that caters to the look and feel that you want.
Remember, to try these templates, you will have to download these templates and follow instructions for the templates. If there are no instructions, a typical way is to move the template to the wp-content/themes directory on your web host. So here are some links to download some of the templates you may want to try.

1. WordPress Codex

2. Alex King

3. Weblogtoolscollection.com

4. Emily Robbins Big List

5. WordPress Themes

6. Blogging Pro

7. wpthemesfree.com

8. N.Design Studio

9. wpthemespot.com

One tip, you will find a number of themes, so don’t spend all your time looking through themes. Try one that seems nice, and you can always select one later if you want to.

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