What is adsense

For most people, adsense is way to make money from a blog. It works on a simple volume based method, whereby the larger the number of people coming to visit you, the more chance there is to earn money from your blog. If you look at the Links on Top and just to the side of this post, you will see a number of advertisements where it is written ‘Ads from Google’. This is adsense. It is a system whereby you can get context specific ads served from a Google server and put on your system. Once a visitor clicks on an ad placed on your system, you have joined the gravy train. Google will pay you 50% of the amount it made from the ad, and you are now on the way to make money from ads.
However, as I said, it is a volume based system. the more blogs you have, the more money you will make. For learning the process of how to join the adsense program for adding on your blogger account, refer to this Adsense Help link.
And specifically, these instructions from the Blogger site talk about how to add adsense to your Blogger site. Click on this link.

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