How to create a blog using Blogger

It’s not very complicated, but for a first time user, can seem a bit daunting, so here’s a guide on what to do. Follow the steps along with the screen shots, and you will be all set. The wizard to create a blog site on Blogger is pretty simple, and once you go through these steps, you will find that the next time you want to create a blog, it is so simple.
There are some amount of variations possible using Blogger, such as being able to choose a template, and being able to add a number of custom widgets.

Creating Blog in Blogger

Go to blogger.com and use your Google Account. If you don’t have a Google account, go to Gmail.com and create one.

Creating Blog in BloggerEnter your account details in the username and password field in the top right corner.
Creating Blog in BloggerYou will come to a page that asks for signing up to blogger. Enter your desired user name and select the checkbox for Terms of Service, and click on continue.
Creating Blog in BloggerWill reach a page that is the landing page for Blogger. From this page, you can create your own blogger now.
Creating Blog in BloggerAt this point, you will have to create your own blog. Enter the name of your blog (title) and the blog URL. For the blog URL, after putting a value, click on the ‘Check Availability’ link. This will tell you whether the blog URL actually exists. If it does not exists, you will be told ‘This blog address is available’. If blog already exists, then you need to put another URL. Click on ‘Continue’
Creating Blog in BloggerChoose a template that you want to use, and then click on continue. You can always change the template later.
Creating Blog in BloggerAnd now the blog is created. Congratulations.
Creating Blog in BloggerThis is the default posting location for a blog. You can enter the post that you want to create, put in a title of the post and labels and then click on the ‘Publish Post’ button. Also, in case you want to look at your settings, click on settings and view the various settings.
Creating Blog in BloggerOnce you publish, you see the published successfully page as below.
Creating Blog in BloggerAnd then the post below becomes live in the blog URL as you see below.
Creating Blog in Blogger

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